Albert Hartmann

Albert Hartmann as he appears in Slip of the Knot.

Albert Hartmann is a security guard. He appears in Slip of the Knot, and tries to bully someone. Everyone is not gonna be Albert's friends if he does that.


Albert is a security officer with dark skin.

Albert Hartmann
Some attributes
First Name: Albert Hartmann
Second Birthday: May 6, 1982.
Third Relatives: Maya Hartmann (wife)
Other attributes
Fourth Enemies: Spike Ellison, Blinger Motley, Mista Ellison, Chomperoo Ebrahimi, Sarah Gordy!, Kristen Benihana, Marty Benihana, Matt Skiba, Zappy Brenaya, Cowpoke Simpson, Spree Miller, Spiffy Palmer, Ralph the Mouth, Potatoes, Doodle Bug, Gettin' Tiggy Rooney, Ike Robertson, Jeremy Ellison, Mib Green, Little Zee Cooper, Spitz Gordy.
Fifth Likes: Bullying, Grabbing People.

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