Kristen Benihana
Some attributes
First Name: Kristen Benihana
Second Birthday: July 24th
Third Relatives: Marty Benihana (brother)
Other attributes
Fourth Friends: Spike Ellison Blinger Motley, Mista Ellison, Chomperoo Ebrahimi
Fifth Favorite Food: Tacos, Ribs, Chicken
Sixth Enemies: Albert Hartmann
Kristen Gordy 3

Kristen Benihana, as appeared in A Spirit's Society

Kristen Benihana is a character appeared in A Spirit's Society. She is Marty Benihana's sister, and also wears Under Armour capris. She is known by friends Spike Ellison, Blinger Motley, Mista Ellison, and Chomperoo Ebrahimi.


Spike and the gang are friends with Kristen and Marty.

Kristen's LifeEdit

Kristen Benihana wears capri pants every time. Jeremy Ellison and Spiffy Palmer saw them in order to have Spike Ellison to pull of them.

Hull and Crossbones

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