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File:That is not a good shot at all!.jpgFile:That is not a good shot in my estimation!.jpgFile:That is not really a strong effort!.jpg
File:This could be Bunkersfeld, North Dakota I feel!.jpgFile:This one's gonna be lucky to avoid the beach!.jpgFile:This one's gonna be lucky to miss this bunker!.jpg
File:This one's gonna flirt with the sand there!.jpgFile:This one's just plain ugly!.JPGFile:This one's off line with the bunkers!.jpg
File:This one looks like it's frightenedly bad!.jpgFile:This one looks like it might find the sand!.jpgFile:This one might find the bunker!.jpg
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File:Tryna think of somethin' positive to say 'bout this one and nothin' to be turned off da smoke alarm test!.pngFile:Well that's awful!.jpgFile:Wentworth - West Course.jpg
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